Product Managers Struggle To Discover

Awhile lower back the StubHub product managers did precisely what they have been alleged to do: they took a survey in their customers. They have been looking to discover what a part of the price ticket ordering procedure brought about them the most grief. It seems that just about everyone said that they hated the reality that the tickets had been priced at a low rate until you reached the end of the web shopping for technique and how a lot you were paying shot up as extra fees had been tacked on.

Based on what they have been hearing their clients inform them, the StubHub product managers determined to make some modifications to their product improvement definition. Under a program that they determined to call “all in”, they modified the fees for tickets that had been indexed on their website to reflect the final rate that someone would turn out to be paying for the price ticket. However, after they did this, all at once to online customers it gave the impression of StubHub’s price tag expenses had been better than their competitors. StubHub’s share of the net ticket sales marketplace started to decline. Over time it went from 60% – 70% of the market down to kind of 50%. Clearly some thing become incorrect right here and this turned into now not going to appearance top on everybody’s product manager resume.

StubHub’s Next Steps

The concept behind the “all in” pricing program turned into a top notch concept. Since clients had recognized separate service expenses as being their top annoyance, the natural movement for a product supervisor changed into to make that problem go away. By displaying customer what they might virtually be paying at all times the patron need to be happy, right? In this situation, that did no longer grow to be the case.